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Antivirus: which worth more: Paid or Free?

Due to digitalization, our lives are getting overlapped with our daily life and somehow, we miss on stringent checks on our security as we start taking things for granted. Due to this negligence, sometimes either we end up in compromising our confidential information or big financial crisis with unauthorized users sometimes resulting into big financial losses.

Cost we pay ignoring Digital Security

It is not feasible to calculate the risk and loss which we generally encounter after ignoring importance of digital security. Malware, Spyware, Adware and Viruses are few common examples of infections now a day’s which are being spread by cyber criminals on internet in the form of little sneaky codes. These infections are expert in finding ways to enter your devices. After entering into host device, they transmit personal and confidential information to the fraudsters who are operating them from host computer. This ultimately might result into big losses as cyber criminals might empty your complete bank account with your personal and financial information which they have grabbed from your own device secretly in absence of adequate Anti-Virus or digital security.

To protect their important files, programs few people or companies are approaching data base centers which have different departments and functions as saving & protecting confidential data base for their clients. Safety and Security of these centers purely depends upon the online security being used by them. For making more profits, these companies compromise with quality of online security and put safety of their client’s information into risk.

Above mentioned situations arise question in mind regarding internet security-Free or Paid Internet security.

Free Anti-Virus Software

One famous quote says that,’’ there is nothing as free meal in this world.’’ Free Anti-Virus comes with only basic features and if you wish to use it fully user must upgrade be paying some amount, hence it is not free. Free Software are not competent enough to provide comprehensive coverage. In addition to this free software’s are not efficient enough to pace up with dynamic changes being introduced in cyber landscape. Few of antivirus are full of advertisements which ultimately reduces the speed of overall system.On top of it a risk is always involved wherein user need to disclose his personal information and surrender your device into the hands of unknown free Anti-Virus Software as your devices is loaded with sensitive transactions, browsing history, private photographs and important & confidential files as well as folders. Hence trusting a free software simply means putting all private information at a stake.

Paid Anti-Virus Software

Paid Anti-Virus Norton is full of features. It is equipped with excellent technical support and reliability. It provides safeguard for all personal folders& files, protects online transactions and gives data security. On subscribing Anti-Virus by visiting security you will get a complete protection for all your devices along with family safety features. Each one of family can explore web without any fear of identity theft and data loss. Kids can also use system and web services without any fear of downloading any kind of infections from internet. With security program online storage of 25 Gb is also provided to save data online. It serves as a data backup for important pictures, financial information or other valuable documents of user choice on his Windows Computer.Generally, it is a myth that people who work complex tasks on computer are always in need of Anti-Virus which is not at all right. Cyber criminals do not chase only devices, they chase confidential information like financial details, shopping transactions, confidential files and folders so that they can misuse the same either for ransom at later stages or to do frauds to make money. With Technology advancements new threats like spyware are also finding new ways to spread infections online leading to data breach. Irrespective of being tech savvy are becoming targets of these cyber criminals as they are following worst practices for their benefit. Hence it is a wise decision to buy Norton Anti-Virus total protection for your home and work computer.


When it comes to safety of financial data, security of our kids buying an Anti-Virus is not a bad idea. People who generally lost their data due to absence of adequate security system, afterward they spend million dollars and hours to retrieving their information, think that had they bought it earlier, they would not have face this complex situation. For more information Call on 1844-296-4279 or visit

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