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Download Setup, Install and Activate (redeem) your Norton (retail card) Product Key Use your account to enter a product key, manage your subscription, set up your Norton protection, and extend your protection to PC, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. Protecting your devices and managing your Norton product is as easy as adding a new device in your Norton account.

Norton Antivirus Installation Guide.

To download setup or install or reinstall or Activation/Redemption of your Norton product is to register your Norton Product key to your Norton account. In this Norton Security Suite installation guide, we will learn the ways to install Norton Antivirus with a help of Norton Product key, from Norton account or you may have the Norton Antivirus Setup provided by Your Service Provider For e.g. Norton provided by dell HP or may be by Comcast.

Download, Install or Activate Norton Antivirus with Retail Product Key Card

  • Sign In to Norton by visiting www.norton.com/setup or Norton.com/setup.
  • If you are not signed in to Norton account already, you will be prompted to sign in to your Norton account(Norton.com/setup). Type in your email address and password for Norton, and click Sign In.

    If you do not have a Norton account, click Create account, and then complete the sign-up process to create the Norton account
  • In the Setup window of your Norton account, click On Enter a new Product Key to registered the product key with the Norton account.

    Norton Product key :- On the Norton Retail card you will see a 25-character alpha-numeric code in the pair of 5 is printed on the back of the card. Eg:- Product Key:- XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX
  • After Putting the Norton Product key click on next to start the Norton Setup installation.
  • Once Your Norton Product key is accepted Click Agree & Downloadto setup and activate the Norton on your device.

  • Do one of the following depending on your browser:
    • For Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge browser: To start the Norton Setup Click Run to initiate Norton installer
    • For Firefox or Safari: To run the Norton Antivirus Setup on the top-right corner of the browser, click the Download option to view the downloaded files, and double-click the file that you downloaded with the name of Norton installer
    • For Chrome: To run the Norton Antivirus Setup on the bottom-left corner, double-click the file that you downloaded with the name of Norton installer.
  • If the User Account Control window appears, click Continue. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Your Norton Security product is now installed and activated.

Download, setup,Install or Mange Norton product from my service provider

Some Norton Security products that come from a Service Provider (dell, HP, Toshiba, Intel) can be installed on more than one computer at a time. You can also purchase additional licenses if needed or transfer a license from one computer to another.

Download, setup,Install or Mange activated Norton Antivirus setup without Retail Product Key Card

  • To start with Norton Security software setup, sign in to your Service Provider website and navigate to where you downloaded and installed your Norton product from originally.
  • Download and install your Norton Antivirus product on the new computer.
  • In the main screen, click Activate, or Sign Up Now to complete the Norton account Setup.
  • 4. Click Next.
  • If you see a prompt, in the My Service PIN field, type in the PIN number that is provided to you by your Service Provider. Please note that for most current activation flows, the PIN activation will be automatic and you won't be prompted to manually enter the PIN.
  • If you see a prompt, enter a computer name.
  • Click Activate to start with Norton Security download setup. If you have a license available, the Norton setup is install &activated

Download, setup,Install or Mange Norton product from Comcast - Xfinity.com/Norton

  • To download & install Norton Setupgo to the Comcast website xfinity.com/Norton.
  • Click Get Norton Security Suiteoption available on Comcast website.
  • Sign in with your Comcast user name and password.
  • Click Start Download.
  • In the Norton Download Manager window, under your Norton product, find the Service PIN and write it down.
  • When the File Download-Security Warning window appears, click Run.
  • Norton_Download_Manager.exe starts to download to your computer.
  • When the Internet Explorer-Security Warning window appears, click Runfor Norton setup.
  • Norton Security Suite starts to download to your desktop.
  • After the Norton setup download completes, the Norton Setup installation starts automatically.
  • Read and accept the User license agreement. Click Agree & Installto the Norton Security term & services.
  • In the Thank you for choosing Norton Security Suite window, if you do not want to join Norton Setup Community Watch, uncheck that option.
  • By default, this option is checked.
  • Norton Security Suite installation starts.Wait for the Norton Security Suite installation to complete.
  • After the Norton Setup installation completes, the Norton setup activation occurs automatically.
  • If it does not, click Activate Now to start the Norton Activation process. If prompted, type in the PIN you have written down from Comcast website.
  • In the Name your Device window, enter a name for your device and click Activate.
  • Wait for the Norton Setup Activation Complete message and close the Norton browser window.
  • In the Your service is activated window, click Done.
  • The latest version of Norton Security Suite setup has successfully been installed and activated.

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